About Us

Milli Group started life in 2022 when two friends decided that the London comedy scene needed to be a bit more queer. They were bored of constantly performing in straight venues, being the only LGBTQ+ acts on a bill and feeling like they couldn’t bring their mates along to watch just in case they became the butt of the joke. Starting at one night a month in a bar in London they grew and grew, recruited another mate and started to create the UK’s (and possibly the world’s) first permanent LGBTQ+ stand up comedy club. Now the group includes The Queer Comedy Club, our own in house TV production company, Milli Productions, and our own gay bar, located in London’s Elephant & Castle.  We’re growing but nothing has changed, we’re still all about creating incredible places and content for queer people, by queer people.

Our dream is to showcase incredible LGBTQ+ talent in amazing, welcoming venues that push boundaries and make you think. Spaces you feel safe to be yourself in yet brave enough to express yourself.

Our group covers a range of different areas and we’re exploring more but the root of everything we do is creating authentic queer experiences.  We know what we’re about and we do it well, everything from producing Pride events and TV shows to establishing the UK’s first LGBTQ+ stand up comedy club that The Guardian referred to as ‘an institution’. Our team are striving to deliver amazing experiences and content. 

Our Team

David Ian
Kate Dale
Jeremy Topp

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